Explore some of the styles we can introduce to your home

The house looks amazing… AMAZING!!! It has all the potential I knew it would – what a makeover! Many thanks for all your hard work!

Kate Bradeen

It’s been a remarkable experience working with you and we are so pleased with our beautiful home. You are great professionals and we will certainly be recommending you to our friends.

Kate and Don Kerr

It was a real pleasure working with the ROOST team. It went really smoothly and I was SO pleased with the final results!!! You transformed my house in a very detailed, stylish way that is right in tune with the approach I was looking for. Thank you for everything.

Madeleine Greey

WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! I cried when I saw my room. [My son] asked to get into his pyjamas so he could go to sleep. He picked the book, “A Wish for Dinosaur”, because he got the room he wished for (the dinosaur gives whatever the boy wishes for!). How can I ever thank you for making me so happy!”

Michelle Piatt

Our place looks great! Thanks for selecting everything and pulling it all together. It was a WOW from start to finish.

Fred Simpkin

Thank you for creating a design that showcases my art. All the furnishings you chose fit perfectly with who I am. I never felt like I needed to compromise my unique taste.

Lola Belanger

Everything looks incredible, from the furnishings to the lamps and toss cushions. The room that was once awkward now has a flow to it. Thank you for adding pink, it’s perfect.

Judith Price